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Advantages And Disadvantages of LED Flashlights

Conventional flashlights have many disadvantages, as compared to an LED flashlight. For starters, LEDs last longer than conventional incandescent light bulbs, are more reliable, and are much more energy efficient.
LEDs are also housed in a plastic coating, unlike a glass enclosure like an incandescent light bulb. This makes them much sturdier, and mean that they [...]

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High Intensity Discharge or HID Bulbs vs LED Lights

When people talk about HID or “High Intensity Discharge”, they refer to a particular type of bulb. Standard light bulbs use a glowing tungsten filament to create light, but HID doesn’t use this tungsten filament. Instead, HID light bulbs create light from a small glowing ball of ionized gas. Surprisingly, this produces up to 3 [...]

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Krypton Flashlights Vs Regular Halogen Flashlights Vs LED Flashlights

It is a common question to ask what the best flashlight is. The fact is, if you get a good LED flashlight, it will be brighter than if you used it with a krypton/halogen bulb instead. Personally, I will not buy another flashlight that is not LED, simply because LED is far superior. Compared to [...]

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