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Why Do Visual Inspections Usually Specify Not To Use An LED flashlight?

It may be surprising that with the brightness and whiteness of an LED flashlight, that certain maintenance tasks requiring visual inspections specifically forbid the use of LED flashlights. The reason for this isn’t really because these LED flashlights are too bright, but rather because of another reason.
LED flashlights are typically made with white LED lights. [...]

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Krypton Flashlights Vs Regular Halogen Flashlights Vs LED Flashlights

It is a common question to ask what the best flashlight is. The fact is, if you get a good LED flashlight, it will be brighter than if you used it with a krypton/halogen bulb instead. Personally, I will not buy another flashlight that is not LED, simply because LED is far superior. Compared to [...]

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Where To Get Professional LED Flashlights The Same Size As A 6C-Cell Maglight?

If you have a professional LED flashlight the same size as a 6C-cell Maglight, and are looking for a replacement, then you should be looking at the reputable LED flashlight brands such as Surefire, Inova, or Fenix. We have several reviews of these popular flashlights on this site:
Surefire Flashlights Reviews
Fenix Flashlights Reviews

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fenix tk40 led flashlight review

Fenix TK40 LED Flashlight Review

Fenix TK40 LED Flashlight Review
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I’m a true flashlight junkie, owning several tacticals from Surefire, Inova, and Fenix. In my free time, I do some hunting, fishing and camping, and I always have a flashlight with me. I usually look for performance and reliability in my flashlights, and only buy [...]

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