SureFire U2 Ultra High Intensity Variable Output LED Flashlight

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SureFire U2 Ultra High Intensity Variable Output LED Flashlight
Manufacturer: SureFire
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Product Description

Designed for tactical, duty, or general use, the variable-output SureFire U2 Ultra LED flashlight fits conveniently in the palm of your hand, yet is more versatile than lights several times its size. The U2 Ultra is outfitted with a virtually indestructible light emitting diode (LED) with six selectable output levels. The levels include a long-running low beam that's suitable for reading maps, a brilliant tactical level high beam that's five times as intense as a large two D-cell flashlight, and four settings in between. The multiple output levels make this flashlight great for backpacking, camping, or disaster preparedness kits. In addition, the light runs for up to three hours at high output (50-plus lumens) and 175 hours at low output, so you needn't worry about the light failing at the worst possible moment.

The versatile SureFire U2 Ultra measures only 6 inches long.

The U2 Ultra is also built to last, with a rugged, aerospace-grade aluminum body that's Mil-Spec Type III hard anodized in black. The LED light source, meanwhile, has no filament to burn out or break, helping it last for thousands of hours. And to keep dust and the elements from penetrating the interior, the light is O-ring sealed and weatherproof. Other features include a tempered Pyrex window, an easy-to-use tailcap switch, a heavy-duty pocket clip, and a switch lockout that prevents accidental activation during transport or storage. The U2 Ultra, which includes batteries with a 10-year shelf life, carries a lifetime warranty.


  • Max output: 100 lumens
  • Low output: 2 lumens
  • High runtime: 3 hours
  • Low runtime: 175 hours
  • Battery type: Two 123A lithiums
  • Length: 6 inches
  • Weight: 5.7 ounces (with batteries)
About SureFire
The SureFire story begins in 1969, when Dr. John Matthews--an engineer with a Ph.D. from Cal Tech--founded the Newport Corporation in order to harness the power of the laser for industrial applications. Over time, Matthews turned his inventive mind toward shooting (his hobby and passion), hoping to adapt lasers as firearm sights. He eventually designed and patented a laser sight in 1979, and subsequently bought the laser sight business from the Newport board in order to focus exclusively on commercializing the product. The newly formed Laser Products debuted with a handgun sight for the Colt Trooper, following it up with a sight for a Ruger Mini-14.

In 1984, the business took a huge leap forward with a phone call from the Los Angeles Police Department's SWAT Team, which wanted to borrow a number of laser-sighted shotguns for security during the 1984 Olympic Games. In the years that followed, the technically superb, yet seriously expensive, laser-sighted firearms paved the way for future developments, including a weapon-mounted flashlight called the SureFire WeaponLight. Laser Products went on to establish itself as the leading manufacturer of rugged, powerful, and compact illumination tools for tactical applications--from weapon-mounted lights and laser sights to handheld lights powerful and bright enough to qualify as "force-option" tools that could temporarily blind, unbalance, and disorient a threat. Eventually, the SureFire moniker became so synonymous with excellence in handheld illumination tools that the company changed its name to SureFire LLC.

Product Details

  • 100 Lumens of High Output for 2 Hours; 2 Lumens of Low Output for 175 Hours
  • Virtually indestructible LED emitter regulated to maximize output and runtime
  • Six output levels-highest for maximum light, lowest for longest runtime
  • Tactical high beam is 5 times as intense as 2 D-cell flashlight
  • Measures 6 inches long and weighs 5.7 ounces; lifetime warranty

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