Surefire E2D-BK Defender 60 Lumens Incandescent Flashlight Strike Bezel Black

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Surefire E2D-BK Defender 60 Lumens Incandescent Flashlight Strike Bezel Black
Manufacturer: Surefire
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Product Description

Surefire E2D Defender Flashlight is an extremely compact (shirt pocket size) high-intensity tactical-level incandescent flashlight with enhanced self-defense features, similar to Surefire E2E Executive Elite Flash Light but with crenellated Strike Bezel for personal protection. Surefire E2 D Executive Defender Flashlight produces a smooth, brilliant, pre-focused tactical-level beam with four times the light of a big two D-cell flashlight. This Surefire Flashlight is bright enough to temporarily blind and disorient a person by impairing out his night-adapted vision. Small size and high output also make SureFire Defender E2D Flash Light a perfect everyday-carry light. Sure Fire 's incandescent pocket powerhouse - with teeth.

Product Details

  • Batteries - Two lithium 123A 3.0 Volt with 10-year shelf life
  • Lamp assembly/Runtime - SureFire MN03 xenon gas-filled lamp assembly with 60 lumens output for 75 mi
  • Construction - CNC machined aerospace-grade aluminum. Hard anodized finish for extreme corrosion imp
  • Lightweight and slim, with a stainless steel pocket clip
  • Perfect for placement in your backpack, glove compartment, toolbox, or pocket.

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