Inova X03MT-WB X03 Lithium Powered Flashlight with 5.8-Watt LED, Black

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Inova X03MT-WB X03 Lithium Powered Flashlight with 5.8-Watt LED, Black
Manufacturer: Inova
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Product Description

The X03 combines small size and bright, uniform illumination that, as far as I know, is simply not achievable in flashlights that use incandescent bulbs. The LED in the X03 puts out 82 lumens at just 5.8-watt LED (as per LED specifications), and it won't drain your batteries nearly as fast as an incandescent bulb. Also, LEDs don't break when you drop them. As anyone who's found themselves in a pitch-black crawl space with a nonfunctioning flashlight will tell you, this is no small advantage.

The X03 features a twist-operated, three-mode switch cap, which enables the user to turn it on and off without flipping it around from an under- to overhand grip. As we mentioned above, the light projected by the X03 is exceptionally uniform from the edge of the beam to the center, making it unnecessary to fiddle with a focus mechanism to get the beam just the way you want it. Not only that, but this flashlight has a remarkably strong beam for its size, and it maintains its integrity and focus extremely well at distance.

I would highly recommend this to electricians, contractors, and so on as a substitute for incandescent utility flashlights of comparable size. It would also work as an emergency light in the home. It offers a combination of durability, reliablility, and quality of illumination that's hard to top.--Josh Dettweiler

What's in the Box
Flashlight, lanyard, two replaceable lithium batteries

Product Details

  • Built to police/military-grade LED standards
  • Delivers highest lumens-per-watt in its size class
  • The uniform, focused beam illuminates up to 250 feet
  • Features constant on/off via twist-activated switch cap and intermittent on/off via switch cap button
  • Includes limited lifetime warranty

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