Inova N-X0MT-WT XO Lithium Powered Flashlight with 4-4/5-Watt LED, Titanium

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Inova N-X0MT-WT XO Lithium Powered Flashlight with 4-4/5-Watt LED, Titanium
Manufacturer: Inova
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Product Description

A flashlight is an essential tool and functionality should never suffer for the sake of design. The INOVA X-Series is an example of one of those rare productofferings that effectively combines brilliant engineering and bold looks in a highly purposeful package. Ruggedly constructed and beautifully finished, theX-Series started the LED flashlight revolution. Today, the X-Series is still recognized as being the ultimate collection of flashlights in the field, and has earned the praise of countless users who have come to depend on it, as well as curators at one of the world's most famous museums of modern art where an X5 has been placed on permanent display. Long hours of useable light, powerful beams, unmatched quality and superior styling all make the X-Series the choice for those who want a flashlight that provides uncompromising performance.

Product Details

  • Electronically controlled for uniform light output, the XO projects a light beam up to 150-Feet
  • Precision machined aircraft grade aluminum body, which is crush proof to 2000-Pound
  • Three mode switch cap provides enhanced operability with the choice of push button operation, always on or locked off positions
  • The knurled cap features a lanyard hole and is O ring sealed to enhance water resistance
  • The X0 features a regulated circuit that provides constant energy so the light always shines with the same brightness throughout battery life

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