Why LED Flashlights Save You Time And Money

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Ben is a flashlight junkie, owning several tactical flashlights from companies such as Surefire, Fenix and Inova! In his free time, he goes fishing, camping, and hunting.

Flashlights were invented as a convenient, safe way to carry a source of illumination around. Prior to electrical flashlights, you had candles and lanterns, but they provided limited and poor illumination, and were not reliable. The first flashlights used standard incandescent light bulbs, and were invented by David Misell in 1896. Since then, the largely inefficient early flashlight models have been improved upon, until today where you have LED flashlights that are more powerful and longer lasting.

fenix tk11 led flashlight

As a general rule of thumb, a LED flashlight is very much more brighter than a similar incandescent model, and run much longer on the same batteries. THe brightness of a light bulb, however, depends heavily on how much power it draws, and so you can also have extremely bright LED flashlights that consume much more power than average LED flashlights. This is the case for tactical LED flashlights, which typically operate at around nintey lumens, or more.

In the past, people would use to carry 2 flashlights – one that is smaller, and handier, and another, which would be much more powerful and brighter. The smaller flashlight would be useful when you are looking around for stuff, and don’t need that much illumination. The larger and more powerful flashlight can be used for lighting up paths and bathing entire areas in light. These days though, LED flashlights tend to come with at least two modes of operation. A “high” mode where the flashlight is super bright and consumes much more power, and a “normal” or “dim” mode where the light is sufficiently bright, and consumes power at a much more economical rate.

Looking at the prices of flashlights though, you might think that a LED flashlight may be extravagant, but people typically save a lot more with a LED flashlight because of savings in battery use, and as well as the savings in light bulbs, since LED light bulbs last as long as ten years before they fail. Comparing that to an average incandescent lightbulb that breaks or burns out, I would choose the LED flashlight any day.

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