Krypton Flashlights Vs Regular Halogen Flashlights Vs LED Flashlights

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Ben is a flashlight junkie, owning several tactical flashlights from companies such as Surefire, Fenix and Inova! In his free time, he goes fishing, camping, and hunting.

It is a common question to ask what the best flashlight is. The fact is, if you get a good LED flashlight, it will be brighter than if you used it with a krypton/halogen bulb instead. Personally, I will not buy another flashlight that is not LED, simply because LED is far superior. Compared to Krypton and regular Halogen bulbs, LEDs have a longer life, better tint, and are brighter, with less artifacts.

It is important not to get a LED flashlight with multiple small LEDs, but to get one that uses 1 high-powered LED. Good LED flashlight brands all have their LED flashlights in this fashion. Surefire, Fenix, Inova, Maglite are all very good LED flashlight brands.

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