Does Using The Strobe Effect Reduce the Lifespan of a LED Flashlight?

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LED flashlights usually have a strobe effect, where the light switches on and off rapidly. You can also simulate this effect by manually switching it on and off quickly, or where you use it for short busts at a time. If you are worried that this will reduce the lifespan of the flashlight, then don’t worry anymore, because it doesn’t. At most you’re tiring your fingers if you’re doing it manually, but the good thing is that you’ll be slightly extending your flashlight’s battery life (by about 20%).

In fact, in most light bulbs in the home, this “strobe” effect is present, at much higher frequencies. The regular line frequency of the electrical supply at your home is 120Hz, which means that the bulb’s filament is actually being turned on and off 120 times a second really, really quickly.

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