Advantages And Disadvantages of LED Flashlights

led flashlights

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Conventional flashlights have many disadvantages, as compared to an LED flashlight. For starters, LEDs last longer than conventional incandescent light bulbs, are more reliable, and are much more energy efficient.

LEDs are also housed in a plastic coating, unlike a glass enclosure like an incandescent light bulb. This makes them much sturdier, and mean that they will not break after being dropped or abused. Since LEDs operate at low temperatures, they don’t go through the temperature stress that typical filaments go through, and as a result, their lifespan is many times more than a traditional bulb. In fact, you can turn LEDs on and off without the wear and tear that it causes to conventional lightbulbs.

One of the disadvantages of LEDs, however, is its susceptibility to damage by static electricity, so avoid touching a naked LED with your hands. Also, with the superior intensity of an LED, looking at one directly with just the naked eye can cause eye damage.

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