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Advantages And Disadvantages of LED Flashlights

Conventional flashlights have many disadvantages, as compared to an LED flashlight. For starters, LEDs last longer than conventional incandescent light bulbs, are more reliable, and are much more energy efficient.
LEDs are also housed in a plastic coating, unlike a glass enclosure like an incandescent light bulb. This makes them much sturdier, and mean that they [...]

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What Is Lumen? What Does Lumen Mean?

A “lumen” is a unit of measure for luminous flux. Luminous flux is the time rate of flow of light. 1 lumen is equivalent to the light flux emitted in one unit solid angle by a one-candela uniform-point source. The lumen is similar to the candela, but differs in that it is a measure of [...]

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Why LED Flashlights Save You Time And Money

Flashlights were invented as a convenient, safe way to carry a source of illumination around. Prior to electrical flashlights, you had candles and lanterns, but they provided limited and poor illumination, and were not reliable. The first flashlights used standard incandescent light bulbs, and were invented by David Misell in 1896. Since then, the largely [...]

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Why Do Visual Inspections Usually Specify Not To Use An LED flashlight?

It may be surprising that with the brightness and whiteness of an LED flashlight, that certain maintenance tasks requiring visual inspections specifically forbid the use of LED flashlights. The reason for this isn’t really because these LED flashlights are too bright, but rather because of another reason.
LED flashlights are typically made with white LED lights. [...]

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Does Using The Strobe Effect Reduce the Lifespan of a LED Flashlight?

LED flashlights usually have a strobe effect, where the light switches on and off rapidly. You can also simulate this effect by manually switching it on and off quickly, or where you use it for short busts at a time. If you are worried that this will reduce the lifespan of the flashlight, then don’t [...]

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High Intensity Discharge or HID Bulbs vs LED Lights

When people talk about HID or “High Intensity Discharge”, they refer to a particular type of bulb. Standard light bulbs use a glowing tungsten filament to create light, but HID doesn’t use this tungsten filament. Instead, HID light bulbs create light from a small glowing ball of ionized gas. Surprisingly, this produces up to 3 [...]

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What Kind of Batteries Should I Use For an LED Flashlight, Heavy Duty or Alkaline?

If you’re wondering about what you should use for an LED flashlight – heavy duty or alkaline batteries, then you’ve come to the right place.
“Super” or “Heavy Duty” batteries, are actually zinc chloride cells. There are also the “General Purpose” variety of batteries, but those are cheaper than “heavy duty” batteries. In “heavy duty” batteries, [...]

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Krypton Flashlights Vs Regular Halogen Flashlights Vs LED Flashlights

It is a common question to ask what the best flashlight is. The fact is, if you get a good LED flashlight, it will be brighter than if you used it with a krypton/halogen bulb instead. Personally, I will not buy another flashlight that is not LED, simply because LED is far superior. Compared to [...]

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Will An LED Flashlight Work For UV Dye Detection?

Many people have use for UV dyes, for example, detecting leaks. One popular usage of UV dyes is to detect leaks in a car’s cooling engine. Unfortunately, this is one use where a LED flashlight will not work. To detect UV dyes, you’ll need black light. To get this black light, you’ll need a black [...]

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Where To Get Professional LED Flashlights The Same Size As A 6C-Cell Maglight?

If you have a professional LED flashlight the same size as a 6C-cell Maglight, and are looking for a replacement, then you should be looking at the reputable LED flashlight brands such as Surefire, Inova, or Fenix. We have several reviews of these popular flashlights on this site:
Surefire Flashlights Reviews
Fenix Flashlights Reviews

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