A good flashlight is not hard to find, what with the many different kinds of flashlights in the market today. We’re not talking about your standard flashlights you find in your neighbourhood store, we’re talking about industrial strength, extremely powerful and durable flashlights. This site gives you all the information you need to buy great flashlights!

Most of these flashlights bear the same traits – strong, tough and brilliant. And in the recent years, there’s an addition to the flashlight market, which is none other than LED flashlights.

LEDs can be significantly more efficient at lower power levels, hence use less battery energy than normal lightbulbs. Such flashlights have longer battery lifetimes, in some cases hundreds of hours, although the LED efficiency advantage diminishes at higher power levels. LEDs also survive sharp blows that often break conventional lightbulbs.

Some of the best flashlight brands around are: SureFire, Fenix and Inova. SureFire flashlights are probably the best kinds of led flashlights you can find around. Of course, be prepared to pay a premium for these high quality flashlights. SureFire flashlights even come with a microcomputer to control your flashlight beam’s intensity!

For flashlight purists, there’s always good ol’ Mag-Lite. Maglite flashlights are the backbone of the flashlight industry, having been the benchmark and standard for a pretty long time. Maglite flashlights are known to be sturdy, reliable, and as longlasting as heck.

ShopFlashlights.com will showcase a few popular flashlights, tell you more about these flashlights’ specifications, and provide some reviews on these flashlights as well. Enjoy your stay here!