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About Ben the Flashlight Junkie

Ben is a flashlight junkie, owning several tactical flashlights from companies such as Surefire, Fenix and Inova! In his free time, he goes fishing, camping, and hunting.

One summer, about 8 months ago, I was visiting my mother in Texas. When I was planning the trip, I had to decide whether to take my Inova LED flashlight. I decided to take it because, if I needed it, it would be in an emergency. Well, I couldn’t have been more spot on.

While I was in Texas, there was a fierce thunderstorm and, as it often happens, the electricity was knocked out. We were just sitting around the dinner table enjoying the thunderstorm by candlelight when all of a sudden, there were screams of horror coming from the street below. We rushed out to investigate, and my Inova was in my hand. When I got to the scene, I found several people peering down a hole in the ground. Turns out that a young girl had fallen down into the 3-metre-deep hole, which had been dug for a light pole, and was rapidly filling with water from the rain.

The people who even had flashlights at the scene then, only had cheap convenience store types and couldn’t illuminate the hole bright enough, even with 3 flashlights. Once I turned on my Inova LED flashlight though, the entire hole was lit up brightly!

With the illumination, we were soon able to calm the terrified boy down. Luckily, he didn’t suffer from any broken bones. Someone found a rope, which we used to pull the boy out. For the entire 40 minutes, my Inova flashlight was the only source of illumination needed for the rescue. I’ll always remember how much having that trusty flashlight helped.